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Women's Health Screening

Women's Health Screening

Cervical screening

Free cervical screening is available to all women in the Bailiwick of Guernsey aged 25 to 65. The program is offered to all women aged 25 to 49 years old every 3 years and to those aged 50 to 65 every 5 years. The cervical screening test is highly effective at detecting the presence of human papilloma virus (HPV) in the cervix and finding very early changes that, if identified at these early stages, can be treated before they become a cervical cancer. 

Patients will automatically receive a letter when they are 25 to call them up for this screening. After that, routine recalls are sent out at the correct time intervals. However, if you are not sure when your next cervical screening is due or think you might be due a smear test, then please do ask us.  

We know that for some people having the smear test can be daunting, but rest assured our friendly nurses and doctors will do everything we can to make the experience as quick and easy as possible and for most people the test takes just a couple of minutes and involves minimal discomfort. Please do come in and chat with one of our nurses if you have any concerns.

Screening - States of Guernsey (  This site contains the link to the local cervical screening information leaflet, including a translation into various languages.

Cervical screening - NHS (

Breast screening

Breast screening can detect abnormalities in the breast tissue that are too small for you or your doctor to see or feel. It uses test called a mammogram which is an x-ray examination of the breast that takes only a few minutes and involves a very low dose of radiation. Breast screening is offered to all women aged 50-75 who are invited every 2 years free of charge and you should be called up automatically by the Breast Unit to be offered this service.

If you are worried about breast cancer symptoms, such as a lump or area of change in the breast, don't wait to be offered screening - see your GP straightaway.

Screening - States of Guernsey (

Breast screening (mammogram) - NHS (

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Domestic Abuse

A staggering 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men in the Bailiwick of Guernsey will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime. Please do reach out to us if you have concerns about domestic abuse – we are trained to help you.

Lots of information is also available via Safer. 

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