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Diabetic Clinic

Diabetic Clinic

Diabetes is increasingly common. One of the problems with diabetes is that there are few if any, symptoms in the early stages. However, this does not mean that damage is not happening to the body. Over time diabetes can significantly increase the risk of a stroke and heart attack and affect your nervous system, kidneys, and eyes.

If you have a diagnosis of Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes once a year a head-to-toe examination to check for any of the complications of diabetes is an integral part of your management. The appointment is a thirty-minute consultation with one of our diabetic-trained nurses.

There is no charge for this appointment.

The clinic covers the following areas:

Discussion about diet and lifestyle

The nurse will go through how best to manage your diabetes. A healthy lifestyle and diet are essential to control diabetes successfully. We can also refer you for additional diabetic education at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.

Examination of your blood pressure

Blood pressure control is one of the most critical factors in preventing strokes and heart attacks in people with diabetes. We aim to have your blood pressure at 130/80mmHg or less.

Examination of your nervous system

Diabetes can affect your nervous system and result in a reduced sensation or a tingling or burning sensation in your hands and feet. Because of this you may not be aware of areas of damage to your feet that may lead to ulcers. The nurse will perform a thorough foot examination as part of the check.

Examination of your kidneys

A urine sample is tested to look for any evidence of kidney damage. This specimen is also sent for laboratory analysis to detect any early signs of damage.

Examination of your eyes

We will provide you with a token covering the cost of a diabetic retinal eye check at the opticians every two years.

Examination of your cholesterol level

High levels are associated with strokes and heart attacks. We aim to get your cholesterol level below 5.

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