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Civil Aviation Authority Medicals

Civil Aviation Authority Medicals

Dr Ian Gee, who is based at the Cobo Surgery, is an authorised medical examiner for the CAA. He can undertake the following Civil Aviation Authority Medicals:

  • Class One medicals, other than the initial one which must be done at an approved Aeromedical Centre. These are listed on the CAA website

  • Class Two medicals, both initial and renewal

  • ATCO medicals

Single crew commercial pilots still need to have six monthly medicals if they are over 40 years of age, but multi-crew pilots are now yearly.

Please check your certificate to see what tests would be due at your next medical. If you need an eye test, please ask the optician to complete the relevant form, which can be downloaded here.

Important information:

Your certificate is not valid after the end of the expiry date and there is no grace period.Your certificate is not valid to the end of the month it expires in. You can renew your certificate up to 45 days in advance and this will not affect the expiry date.If you renew it more than 45 days in advance, then your expiry date will be brought forward to the date that you renew it on and so you will lose time.

CAA New Computer System (Cellma)

You will need to complete the paperwork online via a CAA Portal, and you will need to pay the CAA Administration fee before you come to the surgery on the day of your medical. As registration for access to the CAA Portal can take up to 10 days to carry out, we would urge everyone to apply as soon as possible.For more information please see the CAA Website and download the information sheet here.


The UK left the European Union on the 1st January 2021. Following on from this the UK Government decided that the UK CAA would not re-join EASA. This means that we are now no longer able to offer EASA medicals. All medical certificates we issue will now be UK based. It is early stages of the whole process and it may be that in time there will be some closer co-operation and cross-recognition between the UK CAA and EASA.

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