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Dr Karen Taylor


Dr Karen Taylor completed her GP training in 1996 and became a Partner from 2005 for nearly a decade in a leafy suburban part of Derby where she herself grew up. She enjoyed various GP roles for 27 years in total whilst bringing up a family in Derbyshire.

Karen has special interests in Women’s Health and has provided various contraception services for many years, including fitting IUD/coils and implants. These procedures allow experience as a GP to help manage contraception, period management and HRT. Karen also is trained to fit and manage Vaginal Ring Pessaries for Vagino-Uterine Prolapse. All these services can now all be booked at the Rohais branch.

Other interests include Cortisone joint injections for shoulder, knee and trochanteric hip bursitis and, having been trained at the Pulvertaft Hand and Upper Limb specialist clinic in Derby, for Trigger Finger and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. She is also a member of the Primary Care Cardiovascular Society with a long held interest as a GP in heart problems and general Cardiology.

She has moved to Guernsey to experience life (and work) by the sea (rather than being the furthest point from it!) and after her two now adult children have started their work lives post University. She can be found regularly sea swimming around the lovely Guernsey coastline, club swimming for trying to improve fitness, enjoys travel to both near and more farflung adventurous places with family and, more sedately, at the weekends relaxing by the beach and reading the Saturday Times.

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