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Dr Jocelyn Aitken

MBBS (Hons) BSc (Med) Hons MRCGP PGDip (Biomedical and Healthcare Ethics)

Dr Jocelyn Aitken is originally from Australia, however, has spent the last 7 years in the UK, most recently working as a General Practitioner in Cumbria. She graduated from medical school at the University of New South Wales in Sydney in 2012 with academic and research honours, and academic awards in Paediatrics and Mental Health, interest areas that she continues in her current GP work.

In recent years, Dr Aitken has been working as a GP with a Special Interest (GPwaSI) for the specialist Palliative Care team based out of her local hospital and hospice. She has completed post-graduate studies in medical ethics with the University of Leeds and maintains a commitment to holistic ‘whole person’ care.

Dr Aitken moves to Guernsey with her partner Andrew and their Labrador Archie and is looking forward to the opportunities for year-round sea swimming.

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