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Digital Mole Mapping

Healthcare Group is thrilled to announce the arrival of its state-of-the-art laser-guided FotoFinder ATBM total body mole mapping system. The favoured system of many top London Clinics, the ABTM Master images the entire skin surface using artificial intelligence to identify any moles or skin lesions with features of concern. It will also identify new or changing moles when undertaken at regular intervals, usually annually.

Dr Ed Partridge runs Healthcare Groups Mole Care service. He is accredited in skin lesion management and has over a decade of experience in skin lesion diagnostics. 'Not all mole mapping systems are the same. The FotoFinder is leading technology in total body dermoscopy and takes the mole monitoring service we can offer our patients to the next level'.

This service is particularly useful for people who have:

  • a history of skin cancer

  • multiple moles

  • a strong family history of melanoma

  • significant sun exposure

The appointment also includes a full-body skin check.

If you want to book total body mapping, please don't hesitate to contact the Rohais Medical Practice on 723322.


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