Family planning and contraception

If you are considering starting a family or require advice on contraception we recommend talking to one of our team. All of the doctors are able to give advice on contraception and sexual health matters and there are female doctors available at each surgery if you would prefer to speak to one of them.

If you would like to consider starting a contraceptive pill or injection, or require emergency contraception, simply book to see your normal doctor.

The timing of emergency contraception is very important. The ‘morning after pill’ needs to be taken within 72 hours or the copper coil fitted within 120 hours of unprotected intercourse, so please contact us as soon as possible for an appointment.

A number of our doctors are trained in fitting coils and the contraceptive implant. Both of these methods mean that you do not have to think about contraception every day or when you are having sex. The coil offers reliable contraception for 5 years and the implant for 3 years. For further information on these specific types of contraception click here.

If you would like to consider having the coil or a contraceptive implant you will need to book to see one of our doctors that does these procedures. They will discuss the process with you and then arrange an appointment for this to be undertaken.

Doctors who fit coils and contraceptive implants

Doctors who fit coils

Doctors who fit contraceptive implants

For comprehensive advice on all aspects of contraception click here.