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Nurse Sue Mosley volunteers in Phillipines

Nurse Sue Mosley volunteers in Phillipines


Nurse Sue Mosley from Cobo Health Centre is joining Sarah Griffith and Bridge2Philippines on Bantayan Island a small Island off Cebu in the The Philippines, providing voluntary aid work in assisting the local community that was destroyed by typhoon Haiyan last November.

Sarah Griffith visited last December with some volunteers from Guernsey, just after the disaster struck, and assisted in providing ShelterBox tents, food, water and Medical aid to some of those affected. Whilst there she connected with a group of Spanish Doctors, SAMU, who had set up emergency aid within a sports centre using a ShelterBox tent. There are moves being made to set up a medical Triage centre in a town hall that will hopefully be donated by the local Mayor.

Sarah is also looking at supporting the local fishing community in rebuilding their fishing boats as this is a large proportion of their livelihoods, with no means of providing for their families, they will continue to suffer. Typhoon Haiyan has hit the poorest and most vulnerable within the community who need support and hope to rebuild their lives for the future.

The aim is for the volunteers to go out totally self funded and work with fellow volunteers in providing assistance to those still affected in the field in whatever way they can, and help rebuilding the community, giving those that have suffered from devastation and loss, hope in the future.

You too can be involved – if you want to support Sue and the effort you can donate medical items to her at the clinic or you can donate directly online by visiting this website: Please reference your donation SueM. The aim is to provide food/tools/and medical provision.

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