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Now offering HPV protection for boys

Now offering HPV protection for boys

The Gardasil 9 vaccination is highly protective against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Under many vaccination programs and guidelines, the vaccine is recommended to boys as well as girls as it protects them against genital warts as well as reducing the risk of penile, throat, oesophageal and anal cancers. However, currently in Guernsey only girls are offered the vaccine under the States Vaccination Programme. Without vaccination, most people who have sex will be exposed to HPV as it is very common virus, they may not show any signs or symptoms and they can pass it on to others unknowingly. This is why it is recommended to be given before sexual activity commences, although it can confer some level of protection at any age.

At Healthcare Group we are therefore offering Gardasil 9 to males on a private basis. It is ideally given to boys aged from 9-14, although it can benefit older age groups too, and is given as 2 vaccinations spaced 6 months apart (or 3 vaccinations for those aged 15 or over).

If you would like to know more or discuss further, then please talk to your GP about it or book in with one of our nurses who can explain further and will be happy to answer any questions.

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