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Dr Jenny Turner is able to offer High Volume Image Guided Injection (HVIGI) for Achilles and Patella tendinopathy. This is a high volume injection that utilises ultrasound to accurately guide the needle to the under surface of the Achilles or patella tendon. 10mls of local anaesthetic (Marcaine) and 40mls of normal saline (30mls for the patella), making a total of 50mls (40mls for the patella) of fluid are then injected under the Achilles tendon providing a non surgical stripping of the new blood vessels and nerves growing into the tendon. This is not a steroid injection and the fluid is injected under, not into the tendon.

What are the symptoms Achilles and tendinopathy?
What causes Achilles and patella tendinopathy?
What happens to the tendon?
What are the treatment options?
Is it painful?
How long does it take?
What are the complications of High volume image guided injection?
What can I do after the injection?