The term dermatology relates to any condition that affects the skin. These conditions can range from a persistently itchy rash to problems that can result in a significantly reduced quality of life such as acne or eczema.

At Healthcare we have a number of doctors who have undertaken postgraduate diplomas in dermatology and will be able to give advice if your condition is not settling with the standard treatments from your usual doctor. We also have a laser clinic, which can offer very effective treatments for conditions such as acne and rosacea.

Doctors with an interest in dermatology:

Skin surgery

If you have a skin lesion that you are worried about and would like to consider having it removed we have 3 doctors who undertake these procedures. Dr Partridge and Dr Bodkin are both based at the Rohais Surgery and Dr King is based at the St Martins Surgery. All 3 doctors are members of the local, multidisciplinary skin cancer team.

To decide whether surgery is appropriate please book an appointment to see one of these doctors. At this appointment the lesion will be fully assessed and if appropriate a date for a minor surgical procedure will be arranged. Complex or large skin lesions may need referral to the Medical Specialists if the operation needs to be undertaken in hospital.

Mole checks

Dr Ed Partridge is trained in the use of dermoscopy. This is a technique that uses a high resolution magnification device to make a detailed assessment of skin lesions such as moles. If you have a mole or skin lesion that you are concerned about you can book directly to see Dr Partridge at the Rohais Surgery.

Information on self assessment of moles.