patient survey

Patient Survey 2018 Results

Patient Survey 2018 The results of the latest patient survey have been received and the overall result has been extremely positive. The Healthcare Group would like to thank those patients who participated in the survey. A summary of the results is as follows: There were many comments received from patients, all of which will be…

HPV protection for boys Guernsey

Now offering HPV protection for boys

Now offering HPV protection for boys The Gardasil 9 vaccination is highly protective against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). Under many vaccination programs and guidelines, the vaccine is recommended to boys as well as girls as it protects them against genital warts as well as reducing the risk of penile, throat, oesophageal and anal cancers.…

Privacy Policy Update

Updates to our Privacy Policy We have recently updated our Privacy Policy to comply with new Data Protection Regulation and invite you to review all updated policies in our dedicated Privacy Centre by visiting this link.

patient survey

Patient Survey 2017 results

Patient Survey 2017 results In November 2017, Healthcare carried out its annual patient survey and we are pleased to report the results below. What Healthcare does well What Healthcare could improve Download a PDF copy of this survey to your computer

PRP in Guernsey

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy PRP in Guernsey

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy PRP in Guernsey Healthcare Group are proud to be the first clinic to offer Platelet Rich Plasma therapy PRP in Guernsey. This cutting edge treatment which enhances healing of your joints and tendons through the power of your own cells is given by Dr Jenny Turner our sports medicine specialist at…